This billing policy contains the general principles that we pledge to adhere to and to be accountable to our clients and potential clients.
  • Flexible to client's needs
    flexible arrangements from flat fees to hourly rates
Flat (fixed) rate
for limited scope services
The rate is fixed and includes all agreed-upon services. Here are examples of possible flat-rate services:

o Document review, depending on the document's complexity and length.
o Consultation with a follow-up opinion letter, depending on the complexity of the issues.
o Preparing a document (contract, demand letter, cease-and-desist letter, etc.).
o Review of written policies and practices
o Case assessment

This arrangement is for limited (unbundled) services only. It means that the attorney will not be able to go outside of the scope of services. However, if the client does not plan to increase the scope of services, this arrangement will fit the best.
In-House Packages
for regularly occurring transactional or corporate matters
If you frequently face commercial, corporate, or employee issues, you can package legal services in 5-, 10-, or 20- hour packages at a discounted rate. The more hours, the more discount. This package will include legal support on transactional matters (such as reviewing and drafting contracts, consultations, and contract issues) or employee issues (such as wage and hour issues).

The packages are also limited-scope services. They do not include more complex issues, disputes, negotiations, or litigation.
Hourly rate
for all other matters, including representation in disputes
Your attorney will bill by the minute using special software. Each task will be itemized on the billing statement and list the applicable rate and the time spent on the task.

As in any dispute, it is hard to predict the duration of the services, so there is no guarantee of the total amount. However, your attorney will ask for your authorization if she expects a substantial expense or number of hours.
Mixed arrangement
didn't find the arrangement that fits you? We will customize it for you.
Each client's situation is special. We will customize our arrangements to your finances to the extent we can. There may be payment plans, contingency, or financing.

While we try our best to adjust to your needs, we cannot guarantee that we can take every incoming case because our resources are also limited.
  • Adjustable to the level of task's complexity
    clerical tasks are NOT BILLED
    simpler tasks are billed at a half-rate
    all other tasks are billed at a full-rate
Things we do not bill for
If the task is clerical (for example, mailing and posting, arranging files, making copies), it is NOT BILLED. You will still see it on your billing statement, but it will not be billed.

Tasks billed at a Half-Rate
If the task is simple but requires your attorney's participation (for example, commuting to the court), it is billed at a half rate.
Tasks billed at a Full Rate
If the task requires legal expertise (for example, evaluation of the case, assessment of evidence, drafting of legal memoranda, or appearances in court hearings), it is billed at a full rate.
We apply the prevalent task's rate
In complex tasks, the prevalent task rate should apply. For example, if a conversation with the opposing counsel was mostly about your matter, but at the end included a scheduling discussion, then the higher rate should apply. However, if the conversation was mostly about filings and scheduling and a little about the dispute itself, then the lower rate should apply.
All costs and expenses are Pass-Through
Costs and expenses (such as court reporter fees, postage, or filing fees) are passed-through without any additional administrative fees.
  • Interactive with the client at all stages
    our billing practices are transparent
Available for client's review and discussion
we are happy to discuss our billing at any time
We are available to discuss the billing at any time. We will provide all the billing information. Moreover, you will have an online portal where you can access all the invoices, payment history, and pay the bills online.
Substantial increases in costs and fees are discussed in advance
no one likes surprise bills. Neither do we.
If we expect a substantial increase in billed hours, we will first discuss it with you. For example, we will discuss a decision to file substantive motions not only in terms of case strategy but also in terms of financial burden.

Any substantial cost of more than $1,000 will be first discussed with the client. If the client cannot be reached, and the cost is urgent, then the attorney may, in his or her reasonable judgment, incur the expense. However, the attorney will inform the client about the incurred expense as soon as possible.
Have a question? Let's discuss.
quick and amicable
We will discuss any disagreements about billings. If our discussion is unfruitful, we will ask to arbitrate or mediate the fee dispute, according to the Engagement Agreement's arbitration provision.
  • Reasonable in application and amount
    no double billing, no overbilling, nothing of that nonsense.
No double billing!
Time spent on a task can be billed only once. Yet, if several attorneys (and/or paralegals) are involved in the task, each of them can bill at the respective rate.
Only necessary for the task attorney or paralegal can bill
When two or more attorneys or non-attorneys are involved in a task (for example, two attorneys appearing at a hearing), then the only necessary for the task attorneys can bill (attorneys who are expected to present at the hearing). However, a bigger task can be divided by several persons into smaller tasks. For example, a paralegal can come to a hearing to assist with filings, papers, and other tasks.
Combining tasks where possible
Where possible, the attorney will minimize fees by combining tasks (for example, reviewing the papers in preparation for the hearing on the ride to the court). However, this policy will not be prioritized over the quality of services. If multi-tasking affects the quality of services, the attorney will keep the tasks separate.
Assigning simpler tasks to the non-billing or lower-rate staff
Where possible, your attorney will assign simpler tasks to non-attorneys, other staff, or a vendor, but balancing this with the efficiency and quality of services. Where filing, copying, investigation, or the like tasks can be done more efficiently by a vendor, those tasks will be assigned to the vendor.
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