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we represent small businesses
in commercial and employment disputes

business disputes
IB Law Firm handles business disputes related to sales, services, licensing, non-disclosure, partnership, indemnity, construction, distribution agreements, or your business' trademarks and reputation.

Moreover, IB Law Firm represents overseas clients doing business in the U.S. or with U.S. companies, and consults with U.S. and foreign companies on cross-border business concerns. Our fluency in Korean and Russian along with intercultural communication skills will help your company in business ventures or disputes domestically and abroad.
what to expect
disputes with employees
IB Law Firm represents businesses, and in some cases employees, in disputes over wage & hour, non-compete, and non-disclosure agreements.

Our firm also provides legal in-house support in compliance with state and federal employment laws, negotiation and policy drafting, and training on employment law matters.
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who will benefit from our services the most?

  • businesses in disputes
    • Pre-litigation
    • Litigation
    • Arbitration
    • Other types of dispute resolution
  • growing businesses
    • Formation
    • Compliance
    • Risk-Management
    • In-house support
    • Transactional matters
  • employers
    • Overtime, wage & hour claims
    • Employee hiring & discipline
    • Discrimination claims
    • Harassment claims
  • businesses from other cultures
    • Bridging cultural gaps
    • Understanding the U.S. laws
    • Intercultural negotiations
YOUR business.
to thrive.
through times of adversity and uncertainty

what sets us apart?

  • transparency
    We value relationships and trust. Your attorney will have dedicated time for client calls, and keep you updated on each stage of your case. We adhere to our FAIR billing policy and take your opinion seriously.
  • tailored approach
    At each stage, whether in litigation or not, we will check your short and long-term goals, assess your available resources and risk tolerance, and calibrate our trajectory to enhance your position. Our goal is to reach your most optimal results.
  • proper attention
    Many lawyers become overloaded with cases in chasing after monetary gain.
    We cap our volume at 30 billable hours a week, which is 75% of other firms' minimum. We do so to make sure each matter is given proper attention, and each attorney has a healthy work-life balance.
  • results + methods
    We get things done, and we also care how we get those results for you. We will not take a case to harass or intimidate another person. But we will fight vigorously to protect your interests. We value integrity in how we practice law.

our goal is to
protect your success
  • Check
    To protect your business from risks of liabilities, we will help you understand the legal implications of deals or disputes in B2B and B2C relations, employment law, and other legal aspects of your small business.
  • Arrow
    build it up
    We will help you set up and structure your business and walk you through the negotiations of your crucial deals. We will help you leverage your unique situation so that your business is set on a success trajectory.
  • Arrow
    plan to grow
    Whenever you are ready to grow, buy or sell your business or start a new venture, we are still here to help you. We will stay with you to navigate business transitions, changes of ownership, restructuring, expansion and more.

hello, I'm Inna Brady

I love small businesses, and I love litigation. The best part of my law practice is seeing a flourishing small business and its happy owner who boldly lives out his dream. Though I had the privilege of defending a Fortune 500 company, I prefer working with small businesses because each has its challenges and growth path that needs customized attention. Among my clients are biotech companies, semiconductor manufacturers, tech startups, international distributors, restaurant owners, professional service firms, international hospitality companies, suppliers, and technology licensees. I've helped numerous businesses in dispute resolution and risk management across a wide range of business-related problems and initiatives.

I've worked with people from across the world. My clients are from South Korea, China, Vietnam, Russia, India, and the U.S. I speak three languages and love helping businesses from foreign countries or cultures.

What I value in my practice is integrity and the ability to positively impact my clients' growth and future.

• commercial litigation
• commercial leases & real estate sale
• distribution agreements
• trademark disputes
• business sale
• licensing agreements
• wage and hour defense (employer side)

District of Columbia

Superior Court of the District of Columbia, San Francisco Superior Court, San Mateo Superior Court, Alameda Superior Court, Contra Costa Superior Court, Santa Clara Superior Court, and District Court for the Northern District of California.

- Liability for Wages to Temp Employees in California (2021)
- When Can a Parent Corporation Be Held Liable for Subsidiary's Obligations Under California Law? (2021)
- 5 Steps to Start a Business Entity in Washington, D.C. (2021)
Inna Brady
Inna Brady
Principal Attorney
Inna Nam BradyReviewsout of 2 reviews
She helped enormously in my startup company's risk management. Her legal judgment was very important in choosing the company's business direction, and I hope that her expertise will continue supporting the growth of the company."
Yosep Ji, CEO of HEM PHARMA, Inc. - Client
Partnership disputes
"Had a partnership problem and felt unjustified for almost two years. Now the case is settled. Thank you!"
King - Client
We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Inna. She was a strong advocate in our case, was a great listener, took our concerns seriously and went above and beyond to help us gather appropriate data and advisors to help assist us in the success of our litigation case without having to go to court or mediation. She had a calming presence and was able to work around our busy schedules and was instrumental in helping us make the best decisions regarding negotiation between the two parties. In the end, we settled for more that we expected and it was thanks to Inna and her guidance and attention to details that made it all possible. She was a sincere pleasure to work with and would highly recommend her to be on your side, as she was on ours and so thankful she was!"
Victoria - Client
Great business attorney!
"Process was quick, easy and reasonable rate as well. Inna was very punctual and communicated well through the entire process. Highly recommended!"
Ricky - Client
An Attorney you can trust.
"Inna Brady handled my case very satisfactory, her knowledge in law was exceptional, she proceeded with my case it appeared to me with determination and a state of mind from the start to get me not only a fast result but one that was the best possible result. Inna, kept me informed and updated at every stage of my case. I think she was sincerely concerned about the costs and did everything possible to keep my costs low as possible. I'm very satisfied with the way she went about representation me and of my Company. She will be the attorney I call if I ever need one again. Thank You!"
R. Rivera, Professional Painting - Client
Knowledgeable, informed, up to date, courteous, professional, caring, and empathetic.
"Very knowledgeable about the law, also professional and goes above and beyond to keep me informed and up to date. She is comfortable explaining different options we have and best way to move forward. I would highly recommend this lawyer. Five out of five stars."
A.A. - Client
Licensing agreement
"I found her to be very knowledgeable and thorough in both explaining related issues and making them clear. I feel very comfortable in what I have in hand and how to work with it. Just what I was after."
Terry - Client
Competent, caring lawyer.
"Inna Nam Brady is a smart, caring lawyer. She evaluated my contract. She is extremely thorough, has broad knowledge, asks good questions, and brings up issues you might not have considered to protect your interests. Thank you, Inna! I am so happy I found you."
Esther - Client
Responsive, Knowledgeable, and Genuinely Caring
"Inna impressed me with her timeliness, her rapid acquaintance with my case, and her genuine care for my success and well-being. Inna's messages and follow ups always exceeded my expectations of timeliness. She quickly familiarized herself with my case and provided invaluable advice and continues to provide support. I also got the sense of a genuine desire for my well-being to the extent that I could fully trust Inna. The investment in Inna was more than worthwhile and provided exceedingly pleasant returns. I would wholeheartedly recommend her."
Chris - Client
Understanding and Knowledgeable
"I enjoyed working with Inna. I truly appreciated the information she provided on my matter. Inna went out of her way to ensure I understood the impacts of the agreement I was signing. It was something I did not have experience in. Inna was very responsive and ensured my questions and concerns were addressed (even answering her email during international travel). Because of the time and care provided by Inna on my matter, I feel much better about the agreement I signed. I truly appreciate Inna's work and professionalism."
Ana - Client
Successful settlement
"Inna provided critical legal representation for my wife and me when we struggled to find an attorney willing to take on our challenging case. Despite the complexity of the matter, she agreed to represent us. Throughout the difficult legal process, Inna was compassionate and deeply invested in achieving the best possible outcome. She worked tirelessly on our behalf to build a strong defense and secure a favorable settlement. We are incredibly grateful for Inna's skilled legal counsel and steadfast support during this trying time"
Marcus - Client
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