Inna Brady, Esq.

Strategic protection for small businesses

hello, I'm Inna

I love small businesses, and I love litigation. The best part of my law practice is seeing a flourishing small business and its happy owner who boldly lives out his dream. Though I had the privilege of defending a Fortune 500 company, I prefer working with small businesses because each has its challenges and growth path that needs customized attention. Among my clients are biotech companies, semiconductor manufacturers, tech startups, international distributors, restaurant owners, professional service firms, international hospitality companies, suppliers, and technology licensees. I've helped numerous businesses in dispute resolution and risk management across a wide range of business-related problems and initiatives.

I've worked with people from across the world. My clients are from South Korea, China, Vietnam, Russia, India, and the U.S. I speak three languages and love helping businesses from foreign countries or cultures.

What I value in my practice is integrity and the ability to positively impact my clients' growth and future.

• commercial litigation
• commercial leases & real estate sale
• distribution agreements
• trademark disputes
• business sale
• licensing agreements
• wage and hour defense (employer side)

Washington D.C. and California.

Superior Court of the District of Columbia, San Francisco Superior Court, San Mateo Superior Court, Alameda Superior Court, Contra Costa Superior Court, Santa Clara Superior Court, and District Court for the Northern District of California.

- Liability for Wages to Temp Employees in California (2021)
- When Can a Parent Corporation Be Held Liable for Subsidiary's Obligations Under California Law? (2021)
- 5 Steps to Start a Business Entity in Washington, D.C. (2021)
Inna Brady
Inna Brady
Principal Attorney
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Anyone seeking legal advice should retain an attorney.
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