Inna Brady
Principal Attorney at IB Law Firm
Licensed in Washington D.C. & California
Phone: 202-725-0523
Inna Brady is a business litigation attorney licensed in Washington, D.C. and California. She has handled a broad range of business litigation issues and worked with people from across the world. She values integrity, quality, and precision in all her undertakings.
Integrity & Impact
Inna believes that the best way to do anything in life is to do it from your heart.
Inna devoted six years of her career to the cause of anti-human trafficking and migrant workers' rights. This experience equipped Inna with robust intercultural skills and laid the foundation of her work ethic. At the Dream non-profit organization in South Korea, she managed various research projects, including international human rights and anti-human trafficking. At Cheonan Migrant Workers' Center, she helped foreigners from all over the world in employment and immigration matters.

Inna's passion to make a difference continued expressing itself in IB Law Firm's commitment to devote at least 10% of all resources to the pro bono practice of helping victims of human trafficking in obtaining T-visas. IB Law Firm also offers reduced rates for persons with modest income.
Boldly Building Your Business Up
Doing business is a privilege that must be not only protected but also done responsibly. This requires boldness in being creative, boldness in standing firm, boldness in pursuing big goals, and boldness in establishing longstanding values.

To protect your business from risks or adversaries, Inna offers her extensive litigation experience. Inna represented businesses of various sizes and industries. She worked in Silicon Valley, CA, at Song & Lee, LLP, from 2017 to 2020, handling BvB disputes, as well as compliance issues. During this time, Inna grew from an Associate to Senior Attorney and represented big-to-small size businesses in disputes involving contracts, distribution agreements, employment law, wage and hour compliance, trademarks, and real estate disputes and transactions.

To help your business in your bold international reach, Inna is equipped with three languages (Russian, Korean, and English) and intercultural communication skills. She worked closely with many South Korean companies and knows well the culture of Russian-speaking countries.
Why Choose Inna
Inna's advice has a solid foundation of thorough legal analysis.
Her well-founded arguments often threw more experienced opponents on the ground.
Practical Advice
Inna will not just explain to you the law but also will offer practical advice for your specific situation.
Customized to needs
Inna will carefully listen, assess your business and financial needs, and customize her advice to fit them in the best way possible.
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